In recent years the Ohia tree has been affected by the wilt virus.  In order to protect the future of the Ohia forest, regulations and testing requirements have been enforced by legislation and the Department of Agriculture.  We all must do our part to prevent the possible spreading of this unfortunate virus.  Outer Island and mainland customers purchasing Ohia products will be subject to a simple permitting and testing process.  Hardwoods Hawaii is here to help you every step of the way.

  • Average lead time on outer island and mainland Ohia orders is 6-8 weeks and is subject to change without notice.

  • Purchaser must request an inspection via form PQ-7.  This is a free form.  Click here for a sample form.

  • The inspector will sample your Ohia products, and your testing period will begin.  The testing period is subject to change.

  • Once approval is received sanding, coring, and any other fabrications will be performed.  

  • Sampled and tested Ohia products are taken to the Dept. of Agriculture for verification and tagged for shipping.

  • Once tagged for shipping your Ohia products will be on their way to you via Young Brothers or air-freight.

  • Please allow adequate time for this process, restrictions and fees may apply to cancelled orders once sampled.

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